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Ermanno Balzi srl presents the gas venting system ECOVENT.

Venting issues produce bad quality parts and can also put the mould itself at risk. ECOVENT is the best solution to solve the most familiar effects of poor venting and to reduce the  maintenance of venting grooves and channels. ECOVENT is a product of the Japanese company SAITO mould, ERMANNO BALZI and SAITO mould developed a synergy to spread the respective technologies in European and Japanese market.

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The firm ERMANNO BALZI, benifitting from a long experience in the construction of moulds for plastic materials,researches and products new solutions for their components,aiming to facilitate the processes and reduce the times and costs of fabrication. An innovative approach and a pragmatic assessment and costs, arising from a careful evaluation of production efficiency, surely render ERMANNO BALZI a valued partner for all moulds producers and users alike.

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