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Ermanno Balzi srl presents the new plate locks system:

The new plate locks devices have been designed to guarantee high load capacity and to be applied into medium and big size tools. Internal application guarantees easy installation with only a small amount of machining on plates already requiring modification.The devices are suitable for both double ejection (coupled and spaced plates design) and 3-plate sequencing. In both cases it is possible to set the strokes adjusting the rod length and setting the fulcrum pin position.


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The firm ERMANNO BALZI, benifitting from a long experience in the construction of moulds for plastic materials,researches and products new solutions for their components,aiming to facilitate the processes and reduce the times and costs of fabrication. An innovative approach and a pragmatic assessment and costs, arising from a careful evaluation of production efficiency, surely render ERMANNO BALZI a valued partner for all moulds producers and users alike.

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