Company profile
Who we are
The company Ermanno Balzi S.r.l. has been manufacturing components and accessories for molds since 1995. It boasts of a consolidated experience in the construction of molds for plastic materials and designs new solutions for these types of components with the aim to:
  • facilite processes;
  • reduce manufacturing timelines and costs;
  • improve performance.
Mission: creating new standards
The propensity for innovation along with manufacturing flexibility make Ermanno Balzi S.r.l. a precious partner for all mold manufacturers and users. We have always served both the national and and international markets. Thanks to our distribution network consisting of a branch in China and to our highly specialized retailers in Europe, the United States, and Asia we can provide on-site technical and commercial support for all of your requirements.

Product efficiency
Ermanno Balzi S.r.l. R&D develops technologically advanced projects to provide products that achieve:
  • optimized internal production costs for the highest quality at the lowest prices;
  • perfect mold performance;
  • easy use: streamlined processes for the application of products to the mold;
  • easy maintenance (if necessary).
Company efficiency
The company organization is streamline and flexible in order to reduce waste and overhead.
The production cycle is highly integrated, from transformation of raw material to the finished product.
Systematic in-line checks during all processing phases ensure the quality and replicability of our standards over time.
Constant optimization of production processes ensures product convenience.
Efficient customer communication
Ermanno Balzi S.r.l believes in close cooperation with its customers to better understand their applications needs so that they can provide effective technical support in the selection of the most suitable products.
Our team consists of staff that is highly qualified in the field of designing and implementing molds.
We are always at your disposal to receive new challenges to find solutions to a problem, even when complex, and to continuously implement new innovations.