Cooling test station

The CPR cooling test station is an easy and effective tool to check the thermoregulation circuit hydraulic seal. It is possible to carry out the test by closing the tap that cuts off the flow circulation, allowing the pump to generate pressure inside the circuit; the pressure can be adjusted by way of a relief valve. Once the desired test pressure has been achieved the feeding tap has to be closed and the engine switched off. In such situation any leakage in the circuits immediately produces a pressure drop inside the circuit, as shown by a manometer. Once the test is over the circuit can be emptied through compressed air that pushes the liquid back into the CPR tank.

In order to verify the flow rate inside each circuit at a defined pressure it is necessary to equip the CPR with a pump and engine able to guarantee a higher flow rate. The circulating pressure will be defined by the circuit geometry and can be adjusted to reach the desired value thanks to a relief valve. In order to have a more flexible system the CPR machine can be equipped with a frequency drive system able to modify the RPM of the engine and accordingly the flow rate. Such CPR machines are equipped with a digital flow meter and with a system by-pass able to protect the flow meter while using compressed air to empty the circuit.

Cooling test station
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