Hydraulic gate cutting system
Hydraulic gate cutting system
The Octagon technology allows to separate the moulded part from the cold runner during the moulding cycle thanks to the axial movement of a cutter driven by a mini cylinder fed with high pressure oil.
Gate cutting system
The cut is made with the mould closed at the end of the holding phase. At this point the polymeric material is still hot, the operation is therefore not a real cut but a movement of material.
High pressure and accurate time control are required to perform a quality cut. Our GCM Control Unit makes it possibile.

Octagon technology brings a number of advantages in the production process.
  • Time
    Avoid second operations without increasing cycle time.
  • Quality
    Increases quality of the cut and of injected part ensuring repeatability of the production process.
  • Materials
    Guarantees an optimal cut even with material such as PMMA that are critical to cut once solidified.
  • Safety
    Avoids risks for operators related to cold runner cutting with blunt tools.
Applications with many types of materials and gates are possible.
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